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Fatigue After Brain Injury “There is always a way around a problem, any problem” “Do not let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you CAN do…best.” “Where there’s hope, there is light.” from

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Fatigue After Brain Injury

BrainLine sat down with Dr. Nathan Zasler to talk about the issues of fatigue after a traumatic brain injury. “My chronic fatigue… has shaped most of my life” from and the paperback version at Also see reading

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Some Cognitive Effects of Head Injury


by Craig Lock

“Compare it (your head) to a jelly in a bowl. The bowl is the skull – a strong, protective container – and the jelly (the brain) is nestled within. The skull is able to withstand many types of blows; but the brain is vulnerable to sudden swirling or rotating movements. Shake the bowl and see what happens to the jelly.”
– Dr Don Mackie, Emergency Specialist(in New Zealand)

This extract (in note form) is from a chapter from my manuscript titled MY STORY, MY DREAM Also LIVING WITH HEAD (BRAIN) INJURY (from ‘MY STORY’)

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The Hidden Handicap – the Silent Epidemic



Subnitter’s Note
The following piece is from information that I’ve researched and collected over the past twenty-five years. Some of the writings are words from my own experiences and much material from sources unknown (some of which has been re-written and re-phrased by me). I am sharing this information in the spirit of promoting greater awareness of head (or brain) injury, as well as helping and hopefully encouraging “victims of the hidden ‘handicap’” to realise their full potentials and be all that they are capable of achieving, being and becoming.
Craig Lock
October 2005

Some introductory comments re the title of this article

* because it can’t be seen and brain /head damaged people look perfectly “normal” (what’s that!).

NB: NO, I don’t necessarily see it, this label as a ‘handicap’, but rather as an opportunity for personal growth.

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed* of an equal or greater benefit.”
– Napoleon Hill (in his great book ‘Think and Grow Rich’)

* this should perhaps read “rather the POTENTIAL seed” in cases of head (brain) damage

“Just because a brain has been damaged, does NOT necessarily have to affect the human mind…and so the quality and height of our thoughts!”
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