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A case of Devine intervention for brave Steve

I was so tired I lay down and went to sleep right where I was.”
Soon after even the hallway proved beyond his reach. He pulled the car into the garage, and just slumbered there at the wheel. “It was just fatigue and headache-type symptoms. I remember another time I opened the car door on my head. I just wasn’t in sync with what I was doing. I knew something was wrong.”
“For the first eight months it was a matter of lying in a room and sleeping,” he says. “Our second child had only just been born, my wife was running a business and looking after two kids and myself. I was truly a waste of time.
“My concentration was shot to pieces. Holding a conversation was incredibly difficult – just to talk like we are now, I’d need a sleep afterwards. If there was background noise I couldn’t cope. Often I couldn’t concentrate enough to even hold conversations.”
And so it went on. His vision became badly affected by bright light, he became almost intolerant to loud noise

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