A brain injury can affect our communication abilities by impairing hearing, the muscle movements of speech, or the cognitive processes that turn our thoughts into words.

Communication problems vary, depending on an individual’s personality, pre-injury abilities, and the severity of the brain damage. Typical effects may include:

  • slow or slurred speech
  • difficulty swallowing
  • drooling or a nasal tone
  • problems with finding the right words
  • trouble with understanding others
  • see




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  1. Philip Watling says:

    It is so embarrassing – I drool! Not too much, thankfully, but often saliva dripples from my mouth, especially at the corners that never now form a perfect seal… Worse for me though is swallowing: I am not too bad with food, but I cannot time my swallow with liquids and it often goes down the wrong pipe causing lots of couging and sometimes choking. Other people can feel very upset by this…I tell them it’s normal…Normal for me… It’s NOT normal 😛

    Then the brain fog when I am half way through a sentence and I freeze, trying to find the word that was in my mind moments before. When the sentence is finally complete I am met with a pardon, because I have been concentrating so hard on finding the right words I have not been concentrating on actually speaking and the words have all been slurred. It’s fine, they say and carry on speaking. Usually I am okay, but sometimes I stand staring at them, as their words pass me by not understood. Life can be horrible!


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